America, the Bushieful

...beautiful, it ain't.

Eighty-eight verses and climbing:
O Bushieful for... Obamaful for...
1) Specious lies 16) No-bid mercs 31) Change and hope 51) Occupy 71) Coverage yanked
2) Spookdom's gapes 17) New Orleans 32) Bush redux 52) FEMA camps 72) Kiev coup
3) Heroes killed 18) Uncle Buck 33) Detentions 53) Failed false flags 73) New trade deals
4) PNAC's plans 19) Kenny Lay 34) Drone attacks 54) Syria 74) Bundy's stand
5) Double games 20) Wellstone's plane 35) Doubling down 55) Commie pervs 75) ISIS miss
6) Open doors 21) Bonesmen's Tomb 36) Peeping pervs 56) Creeping night 76) Nazi hate
7) Terror scares 22) Black box votes 37) Health reform 57) Swelling tides 77) Ferguson
8) Neocons 23) "New Freedom" 38) Nuke loopholes 58) Romney's thugs 78) Scotland's "Yes!"
9) Preemptions 24) Foolish pride 39) Gushing gunk 59) Diplomats 79) "War on war"
10) Dollar's doom 25) Beast-like men 40) Cap and trade 60) Sandy Hook 80) Borders breached
11) Opium 26) Closet gays 41) Groping goons 61) Rand Paul's stand 81) Shellackings
12) "Shock and awe" 27) Presstitutes 42) Wikileaks 62) Boston's shame 82) Amnesty
13) Toxic troops 28) Abramoff 43) Rising youth 63) Orwell's fears 83) Boehner's tears
14) Genocide 29) Trillions lost 44) Telescreens 64) Hasting's pen 84) Oil's crash
15) Torture camps 30) Patriots' dream 45) Fallout's rain 65) World War III 85) Yemenis
46) War times 3 66) Putin's play 86) U.S. tanks
47) Goldstein's death 67) Cruz control 87) Secrecy
48) No-fly zones 68) Shutdown stunts 88) Charleston
49) Mounting debt 69) Mom shot dead
50) Native sons 70) Website woes

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Sing It, Ray Charles Style...

My fellow Americans,

The truthes revealed below in my poem/parody America, the Bushieful may shock you. As you read it, the discomfort of cognitive dissonance may cause your otherwise rational mental processes to start shutting down as your subconscious struggles to preserve your former state of delusion. Resist this, and persevere. The reward for doing so is great. You will come to know the truth, and the knowing of it more than compensates for whatever psychic pain you may experience in the finding of it.

But don't just take my word for this. Put it to the test. Every verse of America, the Bushieful is linked to verifying source material. As you read through it verse by verse, click the links to explore more deeply the prosaic facts which undergird each poetic verse. These facts come from diverse sources with diverse voices, by written word, song, audio, flash animation, and video. Their cumulative weight is irresistable.

Once you've taken this red pill, you'll know what I know, and what millions around the world already know. You may even join us in the struggle to save our republic (and the wider world) from neo-fascism and empire.

America, the Bushieful
by Arator/empireisalwaysevil

first verse:

O Bushieful for specious lies,
For endless waves of spin
Obscuring dark conspiracies
To do our country in!
America! America!
Spookdaddy's GOP
Has crowned his son (though Al Gore won)
To steal your liberty!

second verse:

O Bushieful for Spookdom's gapes
As you and me they spy!
Unwarranted, no man escapes
From their "all-seeing" eye!
America! America!
Bush tramples ev'ry law
To wrest thy soul from your control
And maul it in his maw!

third verse:

O Bushieful for heroes killed
In orchestrated strife
To spook us so that we might yield
Our freedom for our life!
America! America!
May Asian oil refine,
Secure access by ruthlessness
And ev'ry gain rapine!

fourth verse:

O Bushieful for PNAC's plans
To loose the dogs of war!
Their plans, they said, they could advance
With "a new Pearl Harbor"!
America! America!
Like Hitler's Reichstag fire,
Bush lit the flame, then misplaced blame
For his own funeral pyre!

fifth verse:

O Bushieful for double games
Where nothing's as it seems!
Al Qaeda had served our spooks' aims,
Subverting marked regimes!
America! America!
Don't you recall that when
Your spooks' Afghan plan first began
Their boy was Bin Ladin?

sixth verse:

O Bushieful for open doors
Illegals just walk through,
For amnesties 'midst terror wars,
Mexican truckers too!
America! America!
If terror threats were real,
Don't you think Bush would quickly push
To fix your border's seal?

seventh verse:

O Bushieful for terror scares,
Mass mind-warping psy-ops!
"ORANGE ALERT," Tom Ridge declares
When in the polls Bush drops!
America! America!
Have you been played the fool?
Was Nine-One-One one great big con
And Bush the conmen's tool?

eighth verse:

O Bushieful for neocons,
Conservatives they're not!
They use them though, mainly as pawns
In their subversive plot!
America! America!
Feith, Wolfowitz, and Perle
Usurp your might to fight their fight!
They want to rule the world!

ninth verse:

O Bushieful for preemptions,
A world dictator's dream!
Not since der Fuhrer's invasions
Have we seen such a scheme!
America! America!
To what do you aspire?
Will you stick by your Republic
Or trade her for Empire?

tenth verse:

O Bushieful for dollar's doom
Since euros now some trade!
If dollar trades they won't resume,
Now Bush will just invade!
America! America!
Great worldly wealth you've yearned,
But wealth so grand is built on sand
If stolen and not earned!

eleventh verse:

O Bushieful for opium,
The Taliban did stop!
On them Bush heaped opprobrium,
Now there's a bumper crop!
America! America!
Sh*t draws your spooks like flies!
Without such crops, your dollar drops
And Spookdom shrinks in size!

twelfth verse:

O Bushieful for "shock and awe"
As bombs lit up the night,
Exploding lives and breaching law,
Pretending might makes right!
America! America!
Bush used Dubya-MD's!
Awesome it's not, but shocked we got
By his atrocities!
Compare and contrast the way the Pentagon
handles depleted uranium at its source (left)
and its destination (right).

thirteenth verse:

O Bushieful for toxic troops,
Fed diets of DU!
The Pentagon plays them for dupes,
Most die without a clue!
America! America!
Support your troops for real!
Bring them home quick or they'll get sick
And Bush more lives will steal!

fourteenth verse:

O Bushieful for genocide,
Mass murder from the air!
In Iraq millions have fled or died --
Does anybody care?
America! America!
This video game's real!
Caught in your sights aren't blips or bytes,
But souls who think and feel!

fifteenth verse:

O Bushieful for torture camps
Where sadists do their worst!
Blessed by officials' rubber stamps,
They afflict the accursed!
America! America!
Are you now this depraved?
Choose not the way of Mengele
Or you'll too be enslaved!

sixteenth verse:

O Bushieful for no-bid mercs,
Wolves fleecing us like sheep!
As troops risk death without such perks,
Four grand each day they reap!
America! America!
A pirate flag's unfurled
O'er Washington, where dark deeds done
Now plunder the whole world!

seventeenth verse:

O Bushieful for New Orleans,
What Jackson won Bush lost
For lack of money, men and means
To pay war's mounting cost!
America! America!
Bush let the levees sink!
So he'll have more to waste on war,
He drowns us in red ink!

eighteenth verse:

O Bushieful for Uncle Buck,
A deft war profiteer!
Thanks to his nephew's clusterf*ck,
He made millions last year!
America! America!
Ole Smedley knew the score:
War's a racket racking up debt
So rich can feast on poor!

nineteenth verse:

O Bushieful for Kenny Lay
And Enron's campaign loot!
For he and Bush crime sure did pay
'Til it went down the shoot!
America! America!
Cheney's Halliburton
When blood's spilling, makes a killing
From no-bid contracts "won"!

twentieth verse:

O Bushieful for Wellstone's plane
That tumbled from the sky!
Like Carnahan, he too was slain...
Can't help but wonder why?
America! America!
Does Spookdom stalk this land?
Won't play their games? Go down in flames!
Strike not the hidden hand!

twenty-first verse:

O Bushieful for Bonesmen's Tomb
Where naked Bush once lay!
His soul Satan did there subsume
Preparing for this day!
America! America!
Wrong masquerades as right!
Don't you be gulled or you'll be skulled
And boned without a fight!

twenty-second verse:

O Bushieful for black box votes
That leave no paper trail!
When spooks upload the final totes,
Their minions cannot fail!
America! America!
Your system's now a sham!
Though badly bled, Ohio's red?
Don't you fall for this scam!

twenty-third verse:

O Bushieful for "New Freedom,"
It's new but it's not free!
Your children's psyches shrinks will plumb
Then force-drug liberally!
America! America!
Big Pharma seeks control!
Vexed by free will, they've got a pill...
It just costs you your soul!

twenty-fourth verse:

O Bushieful for foolish pride,
For blasphemous Bush-speak!
Bush boasts that God is on his side,
But God stands with the meek!
America! America!
A second Christ you're not!
When Bush claims this, it's sheer hubris,
Not what the true Christ taught!

twenty-fifth verse:

O Bushieful for beast-like men,
For gross idolatry!
Cremating care, they indulge in
Wanton debauchery!
America! America!
Midsummer sets Bush free,
Free to serve well demons from hell
With naked reverie!

twenty-sixth verse:

O Bushieful for closet gays,
Who work on Bush's staff!
"My Scott's sure got a pretty face,"
Leered Bush in one queer gaff!
America! America!
Bush threw Gannon a pass!
From gay whore/pimp to press corps temp,
Despite his ali-ass!

twenty-seventh verse:

O Bushieful for presstitutes,
Media on the make!
Fast-talking heads Bush now recruits
To peddle news that's fake!
America! America!
Press freedom Bush attacks!
Your breaking news may be a ruse
"Reported" by paid hacks!

twenty-eighth verse:

O Bushieful for Abramoff,
A gangster on the Hill!
Our Congress he has auctioned off
Against the people's will!
America! America!
A fish rots from the head!
With Congress bought, can Bush be caught
Or is impeachment dead?

twenty-ninth verse:

O Bushieful for trillions lost
So corporate pigs can feed
As Main Street bears the untolled cost
Of Wall Street's boundless greed!
America! America!
Breaks under debt's dead weight!
Flailing about, who can bail out
Her sinking ship of state?

thirtieth verse:

O Bushieful for patriots' dream
Now crumbling into dust!
New alabaster gravestones scream
Of one clan's power lust!
America! America!
End mad King George's reign!
Restore your rights, scale freedom's heights,
Be beautiful again!

thirty-first verse:

Obamaful for change and hope,
The "Kenyan" made the pitch!
Spooked-up like Bush, he sold the soap
Then pulled a bait and switch!
America! America!
Tweedle-Dem? Tweedle-dumb?
It mattered not whose soap you bought,
Both leave the same soap scum!

thirty-second verse:

Obamaful for Bush redux,
It's like he never left!
Gates runs the wars, Bernanke ducks,
Geithner hides Wall Street's theft!
America! America!
Obama's not looked back!
Full speed ahead, he's made his bed
On Cheney's torture rack!

thirty-third verse:

Obamaful for detentions
He's deemed indefinite!
No chance to prove their innocence,
He's deep-sixed the Great Writ!
America! America!
When tyrants wield such power
Will you reclaim your once good name
Or will you cringe and cower?

thirty-fourth verse:

Obamaful for drone attacks
The Pakistanis' bane!
Remote controlled (but not by facts)
Death and destruction rain!
America! America!
Have you no sense of shame?
Nobel's Peace Prize cannot disguise
The ones who are to blame!

thirty-fifth verse:

Obamaful for doubling down
In Vietnam-istan!
He thinks more crack troops on the ground
Can tame the fierce Afghan!
America! America!
You're not the first who've tried!
There Greek, British and Soviet
Empires bled out and died!

thirty-sixth verse:

Obamaful for peeping pervs
Who scan your naked bod!
This violation mainly serves
To fund insider fraud!
America! America!
Will Chertoff make a mint?
DNA's ripped as you're scan-stripped --
Tax dollars NOT well spent!

thirty-seventh verse:

Obamaful for health reform,
More chum for corporate sharks!
Fresh pounds of flesh, all pink and warm
Rendered from easy marks!
America! America!
A gun's cocked to your head!
If sharks don't dine, you'll pay the fine
Or check into Club Fed!

thirty-eighth verse:

Obamaful for nuke loopholes
Allowing for first strikes
Against defenseless Third World proles,
Crimes dwarfing the Third Reich's!
America! America!
Has Barry lost his mind?
The mad Bush plan to bomb Iran
Yet lives (like Frankenstein)!

thirty-ninth verse:

Obamaful for gushing gunk
Engulfing our Gulf coast,
"Dispersed" by BP's toxic junk
That's more lethal than most!
America! America!
Obama and BP
Prevaricate, now it's too late
To thwart catastrophe!

fortieth verse:

Obamaful for cap and trade,
A road to serfdom wide!
Exhale and finance Lords get paid
For carbon dioxide!
America! America!
Plants need that gas to grow!
Life's greatest threat's one crazy bet:
Monsanto's GMO!

forty-first verse:

Obamaful for groping goons,
Who grab your crotch and squeeze!
Though manifestly loony tunes,
They touch you where they please!
America! America!
Your rights they have transgressed!
So set ablaze the TSA's
Rogue license to molest!

forty-second verse:

Obamaful for Wikileaks,
For heroes on the 'Net!
Though Manning's caged, Assange still speaks,
Unbowed by lawless threat!
America! America!
The truth will set you free!
Absent sunlight, systemic blight
Subverts democracy!

forty-third verse:

Obamaful for rising youth,
In puppet states worldwide,
Seething with rage and armed with truth,
History's on their side!
America! America!
Your puppets now take flight!
Dictators all, none mourn their fall
Who feel their people's plight!

forty-fourth verse:

Obamaful for telescreens,
That stoke fear while we shop!
"If you see something, say something."
This madness has to stop!
America! America!
East Germany's not gone!
With Stazi-corps loosed in your stores,
Her dark spirit lives on!

forty-fifth verse:

Obamaful for fallout's rain
From Fukushima's fires!
Atomic death stalks once again,
Thanks to corporate liars!
America! America!
Chernobyl sparked a fall!
Their empire's gone, yours crumbles on...
The writing's on the wall!

forty-sixth verse:

Obamaful for war times 3,
Compounding Bush's crimes!
With brazen illegality,
World War III's fuse he primes!
America! America!
Wars Congress must declare!
No single man lawfully can
Commit us to warfare!

forty-seventh verse:

Obamaful for Goldstein's death
Announced officially!
Hoping for proof? Don't hold your breath!
They dumped "him" in the sea!
America! America!
As young blood-lusters cheer
With perverse glee this travesty,
Your freedoms disappear!

forty-eighth verse:

Obamaful for no-fly zones,
For Texas under threat!
Spook Dewhurst's Senate lacked the stones
To call his bluff and bet!
America! America!
The CIA subverts
The Lone Star State to tittilate
Sick TSA perverts!

forty-ninth verse:

Obamaful for mounting debt,
Feds on a spending spree!
No party's found a limit yet
To their profligacy!
America! America!
DC's out of control!
Who can escape the yawning gape
Of their fiscal black hole?

fiftieth verse:

Obamaful for native sons
Murdered at his command!
Due process-less executions,
Will such lawlessness stand?
America! America!
He has you in his sights!
A tyrant's whim takes life and limb,
Trampling your Bill of Rights!

fifty-first verse:

Obamaful for Occupy,
A peaceful mass protest!
The 1% they dare defy,
Though faced with mass arrest!
America! America!
Cops riot in the streets!
Lost in the breach: Freedom of Speech
To shield corrupt elites!

fifty-two verse:

Obamaful for FEMA camps,
Staffing up secretly!
Treasonous Congress rubber stamps
A rogue Presidency!
America! America!
The battlefield expands!
This war's on you (red states and blue),
Not just on foreign lands!

fifty-third verse:

Obamaful for failed false flags,
"Fast and Furious" flops!
Joker's scripted movie shoot snags
Weak-minded fools and fops!
America! America!
They want to take your guns!
Open your eyes and recognize
Your spook-state's subversions!

fifty-fourth verse:

Obamaful for Syria,
He'd like to overthrow!
As in Libya, Al Qaeda's
His means to strike the blow!
America! America!
This Russia can't ignore!
To coexist, cease and desist
Or risk a third world war!

fifty-fifth verse:

Obamaful for commie pervs,
And spooked-up honey traps!
Frank's dirty couch, Stanley Ann's curves
First conceived our collapse!
America! America!
Barry's a fraud from birth!
A total tool, through whom spooks rule,
Creating hell on earth!

fifty-sixth verse:

Obamaful for creeping night
As freedom's torch grows dim...
A new Dark Age unless we fight,
It's either us or them!
America! America!
Your enemy's within!
Your MIC* killed Kennedy
And staged Nine-Eleven!

fifty-seventh verse:

Obamaful for swelling tides
Of voter discontent!
Atop this wave, a hero rides --
Ron Paul for President!
America! America!
The moment's met the man!
If we stand tall, empires will fall
And we'll be free again!

fifty-eighth verse:

Obamaful for Romney's thugs
Breaking bones, busting knees!
Paul's campaign org. (like Atlas) shrugs,
Deaf to delegates' pleas!
America! America!
Romney's Obama's twin!
Elect Ron Paul or lose it all
No matter which one wins!

fifty-ninth verse:

Obamaful for diplomats
Murdered in Benghazi!
False-flag-attacked by sh*thouse rats
(Saudi and Israeli)!
America! America!
They've tag-teamed once before!
Paranoid states chaos creates
To dupe you into war!

sixtieth verse:

Obamaful for Sandy Hook,
Blood on the classroom floor?
They want our guns by hook or crook
Inviting civil war!
America! America!
How much more can you take?
They won't desist 'til you resist!
Freedom's future's at stake!

sixty-first verse:

Obamaful for Rand Paul's stand,
Filibustering drones!
As tweets of hashtag StandWithRand
Proved that he's not alone!
America! America!
A brushfire's been lit!
Ex-neocons now look to Ron's
Son Rand to right the ship!

sixty-second verse:

Obamaful for Boston's shame,
Forced to "shelter in place"
As Spookdom tried to shift the blame
From bomb "drills" at the race!
America! America!
False flags no longer fly!
With scripts so stale, they're doomed to fail
Once you see through the lie!

sixty-third verse:

Obamaful for Orwell's fears --
Big Brother's watching you!
NSA's got their eyes and ears
On all we say and do!
America! America!
Heed Edward Snowden's plea!
Pierce through the veil, expose, derail
Their turnkey tyranny!

sixty-fourth verse:

Obamaful for Hasting's pen,
Wielded so fearlessly!
His hot pursuit of spook Brennan
Combusted fatally!
America! America!
Truth flees covert death squads!
Journalists die (unless they lie
or emigrate abroad)!

sixty-fifth verse:

Obamaful for World War III,
He took us to the brink,
Then UK's Parliament wisely
Gave the world time to think!
America! America!
Humanity's in peril!
Lest Congress check your rogue Exec.
And do the people's will!

sixty-sixth verse:

Obamaful for Putin's play,
Checkmating fraud Kerry!
Vlad deftly held the Beast at bay,
With skilled diplomacy!
America! America!
Exceptional you're not!
Freedoms first won empire's undone,
With Rome you've cast your lot!

sixty-seventh verse:

Obamaful for Cruz control,
Holding the Senate floor,
Lest Obamacare's heavy toll
Kills jobs forevermore!
America! America!
Planned economies fail!
That lunch ain't free, you'll pay dearly
Through fines, fees, fraud or jail!

sixty-eight verse:

Obamaful for shutdown stunts
To maximize the pain,
Barricading Mall monuments
For political gain!
America! America!
World War II vets he barred!
As in their youth, though long in tooth,
With freedom's foes they sparred!

sixty-ninth verse:

Obamaful for mom shot dead
By crazed Capitol cops,
As Congress cowered in mortal dread
Of faulty traffic stops!
America! America!
Pity her orphaned child!
Congress defers to murderers,
Lets killer cops run wild!

seventieth verse:

Obamaful for website woes,'s a joke!
Obamacare's in its death throes,
Our country's going broke!
America! America!
'Twas Michelle's crony's con!
A total waste, coded in haste
For $600,000,000!

seventy-first verse:

Obamaful for coverage yanked,
Millions left in the lurch!
IRS fines can now be banked,
Until they end their search!
America! America!
There's nowhere left to run!
Premiums spiked? Or taxes hiked?
Time to pick your poison!

seventy-second verse:

Obamaful for Kiev's coup,
Neo-Nazis he backs!
Neo-con nuts f*cked the EU
With staged sniper attacks!
America! America!
Putin extends his hand:
First Crimea (next New Russia?)
Rejoin the Motherland!

seventy-third verse:

Obamaful for new trade deals,
Petrodollars they shun!
As BRICS firm up, Banksterdom reels,
Their Ponzi scheme's undone!
America! America!
The world's wise to your games!
If resource-rich BRICS nations switch,
Dollars go up in flames!

seventy-fourth verse:

Obamaful for Bundy's stand
Against the BLM!
They hoped to run him off his land,
But he (and we) shamed them!
America! America!
Cattle they tried to steal,
But had to yield when 'twas revealed
Reid's rotten Chinese deal!

seventy-fifth verse:

Obamaful for ISIS miss:
He targeted Assad,
But only deepened our crisis --
They're marching on Baghdad!
America! America!
You gave them arms and aid!
Now it's blown back into Iraq!
Look at the mess you've made!

seventy-sixth verse:

Obamaful for Nazi hate
Now leveling Donbass!
To thwart their independent state,
Ukes murder Rus en masse!
America! America!
You've opened Hell's gate wide!
Bandera's ghost's goose-stepping host
Resume their genocide!

seventy-seventh verse:

Obamaful for Ferguson,
Crazed killer cops rampage
To silence peaceful expression
Of citizen outrage!
America! America!
Militarized police
Harass and kill to break your will,
"Securing" sheep to fleece!

seventy-eighth verse:

Obamaful for Scotland's "Yes!"
To independence from
Washington's pustulant abscess,
Ye Benighted Kingdom!
America! America!
Your empire they shun,
But Scots fell short (shitebags held Court,
With slavish abjection)!

seventy-ninth verse:

Obamaful for "war on war,"
Such nonsensical spin!
Neocons want to bomb some more...
We'll all lose if they win!
America! America!
Stop your globe-wide crime spree!
A world on fire, endless quagmire
Despoils humanity!

eightieth verse:

Obamaful for borders breached,
Ebola's now in route!
Once critical mass has been reached,
Our nation could bleed out!
America! America!
Twin invasions infect,
Through open doors, so long as your
Politically correct!

eighty-first verse:

Obamaful for shellackings,
His Dems lost in a rout!
Despite the GOP's failings,
It regained seats and clout!
America! America!
Tyranny marches on!
First left. Then right. No end's in sight...
Treason's bipartisan!

eighty-second verse:

Obamaful for amnesty,
He acts just like a king,
Feigning to use the royal "we"
When he's "legislating"!
America! America!
One man can't make the law!
Instead, he broke it as he spoke...
The highest one of all!

eighty-third verse:

Obamaful for Boehner's tears,
The drunken sot's a mess!
His failed Speakership commandeers,
Cons and castrates Congress!
America! America!
His House betrays your trust!
With utmost gall, they've thrown us all
Under the Cromnibus!

eighty-fourth verse:

Obamaful for oil's crash,
As Saudi goes for broke!
Rival powers they seek to smash
In one fell masterstroke!
America! America!
Your shale boom has gone bust!
Wahabi's cult's market tumult
Fuels DC's power lust!

eighty-fifth verse:

Obamaful for Yemenis,
A quisling served them up,
Drone-murdering whole families,
At weddings, as they sup!
America! America!
Houthis rise to the fore!
Shiites defend Sunni brethren
Against your unjust war!

eighty-sixth verse:

Obamaful for U.S. tanks,
Offloading in Ukraine,
Along with troops to fill the ranks
With Nazis they're to train!
America! America!
Your vassals now break free!
Europe's aghast and must move fast
To avert World War III!

eighty-seventh verse:

Obamaful for secrecy,
Trade treaties none can read,
Fast-tracking global tyranny
To force-feed corp'rate greed!
America! America!
Your Congress sold you out!
The GOP's duplicity
Turned triumph into rout!

eighty-eighth verse:

Obamaful for Charleston,
A southern Sandy Hook!
Feds paid out $29 million
To kin of those they took!
America! America!
Fly Rebel flags with pride!
Never succumb to Marxist scum!
Thwart corp'rate culturecide!
* MIC = Military Industrial Complex as per Eisenhower's warning in his farewell address, which includes the Wall Street/FED/Treasury bankster combine and the spooked-up "security" state within a state (CIA, FBI, Secret Service, etc.).

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