America, the Bushieful

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Eighty-eight verses and climbing:
O Bushieful for... Obamaful for...
1) Specious lies 16) No-bid mercs 31) Change and hope 51) Occupy 71) Coverage yanked
2) Spookdom's gapes 17) New Orleans 32) Bush redux 52) FEMA camps 72) Kiev coup
3) Heroes killed 18) Uncle Buck 33) Detentions 53) Failed false flags 73) New trade deals
4) PNAC's plans 19) Kenny Lay 34) Drone attacks 54) Syria 74) Bundy's stand
5) Double games 20) Wellstone's plane 35) Doubling down 55) Commie pervs 75) ISIS miss
6) Open doors 21) Bonesmen's Tomb 36) Peeping pervs 56) Creeping night 76) Nazi hate
7) Terror scares 22) Black box votes 37) Health reform 57) Swelling tides 77) Ferguson
8) Neocons 23) "New Freedom" 38) Nuke loopholes 58) Romney's thugs 78) Scotland's "Yes!"
9) Preemptions 24) Foolish pride 39) Gushing gunk 59) Diplomats 79) "War on war"
10) Dollar's doom 25) Beast-like men 40) Cap and trade 60) Sandy Hook 80) Borders breached
11) Opium 26) Closet gays 41) Groping goons 61) Rand Paul's stand 81) Shellackings
12) "Shock and awe" 27) Presstitutes 42) Wikileaks 62) Boston's shame 82) Amnesty
13) Toxic troops 28) Abramoff 43) Rising youth 63) Orwell's fears 83) Boehner's tears
14) Genocide 29) Trillions lost 44) Telescreens 64) Hasting's pen 84) Oil's crash
15) Torture camps 30) Patriots' dream 45) Fallout's rain 65) World War III 85) Yemenis
46) War times 3 66) Putin's play 86) U.S. tanks
47) Goldstein's death 67) Cruz control 87) Secrecy
48) No-fly zones 68) Shutdown stunts 88) Charleston
49) Mounting debt 69) Mom shot dead
50) Native sons 70) Website woes

Sunday, July 22, 2001

If American History Repeats Itself, Come 2005, All Hell Will Break Loose!

I've noted that American history has run in 72 year cycles, with each cycle thus far ending in a liberty-destroying cataclysm:

The First Cycle: Agrarian Republic (1789 - 1861)
Length: 72 years
First President: George Washington (Epoch-defining archetype!)
Defining Characteristics:
Mode of Governance: Limited federal government; sovereign states; highly decentralized; liberty for most at maximum.
Mode of Economy: Agrarian
Mode of Foreign Engagement: Strictly neutral; moderately protectionist; active only in defense of national interests; frontier expansionist.
Dominant Leadership Group: Southern planters
Last President: James Buchanan (Epoch-ending weak one-termer.)
Concluding/Transitional Event: The Civil War

The Second Cycle: Yankee Empire (1861 - 1933)
Length: 72 years
First President: Abraham Lincoln (Epoch-defining archetype!)
Defining Characteristics:
Mode of Governance: Supreme federal power; subjegated states; centralized; only those recieving federal favor and/or having federal influence enjoy maximum liberty.
Mode of Economy: Industrial, dominated by national corporations, trusts.
Mode of Foreign Engagement: Regionally imperialistic, globally neutral (with one significant lapse -- WWI); highly protectionist; pugnatiously nationalistic.
Dominant Elites: Northern titans of industry, their financiers, and their hirelings
Last President: Herbert Hoover (Epoch-ending weak one-termer.)
Concluding/Transitional Event: The Great Depression/The New Deal/WWII

The Third Cycle: Socialist/Globalist Superstate (1933 - 2005?)
Length: 72 years?
First President: Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Epoch-defining archetype!)
Defining Characteristics:
Mode of Governance: Supreme federal power except when self-limited by multilateral treaty obligations which by design restrict its freedom of action and subject it and the entire nation to largely unaccountable institutions of a proto-global government; subjegated states; monstrously centralized beyond all reason; socalistic; confiscatory; tyrannical; shrouded in spook-secrecy; liberty is extinguished for all -- even the elites -- as all are at the mercy of and can be destroyed on a whim by "the system".
Mode of Economy: Post-industrial; service oriented; parasitical; illusory.
Mode of Foreign Engagement: Globally hegemonic; interventionist; free trade; Satanically anti-nationalistic.
Dominant Elites: Multinational corporations, non-profit foundations, international banks, and their hirelings.
Last President: George W. Bush (Epoch-ending weak one-termer?)
Concluding/Transitional Event: WWIII and/or nuclear destruction and/or economic collapse and/or complete absorption into global tyranny and/or revolt of the masses repudiating and rejecting globalism once and for all?

The Fourth Cycle: ????? (2005 - 2077?)
Length: 72 years?
First President: The one we will elect in 2004? (Epoch-defining archetype?)
Defining Characteristics:
Mode of Governance: ?????
Mode of Economy: ?????
Mode of Foreign Engagement: ?????

If history repeats itself, we've got about 4 more years until all hell breaks loose -- again.

I have both an optimistic (best case) and a pessimistic (worst case) prediction. I think that the actual outcome will be either one or the other.

My optimistic prediction is based on the Concluding/ Transitional Event of this 3rd Cycle being a revolt of the masses rejecting both socialism and globalism in favor of liberty. In that event, I predict:

The Fourth Cycle: American Liberty and Sovereignty Restored (2005 - 2077?)
Length: 72 years?
First President: Ron Paul or Michael Badnarik??[I've deleted Alan Keyes and Pat Buchanan due to their mindless support of Dubya's unconstitutional terror war measures.] (Epoch-defining archetype!)
Defining Characteristics:
Mode of Governance: Transitional, back towards earlier liberty-fostering norms: decentralization of power away from Washington back to the states and the people; a shift back toward constitutional taxation at the federal level; a dismantling of the spook empire; a dismantling of the federal welfare state; a dismantling of the military-industrial complex; a dismantling and rejection of globalist institutions across the board.
Mode of Economy: Transitional, back towards earlier national independence, security, and prosperity fostering norms: protectionist; with minimal taxation/regulation of individuals and small businesses; anti-trust, anti-cartel, and anti-all multinational aglomerations of anti-social and anti-human economic power.
Mode of Foreign Engagement: Transitional, back towards earlier peace and prosperity fostering norms: disentanglement from all foreign mutual defense pacts; a return to maximum freedom of action abroad; a return to strict neutrality and non-interference in the domestic affairs of other nations and/or international disputes between nations which do not directly impinge on our own national security; an end to our vain pursuit of global hegemony and control; a withdrawl from all globalist sovereignty-eroding institutions; and a rededication to the defense of our own national sovereignty and security above all else.

My pessimistic prediction is based on the Concluding/Transitional Event of this 3rd Cycle being WWIII (which does not result in our nuclear destruction) and/or economic collapse. In that event, I predict:
The Fourth Cycle: Anti-Christ Tyranny Unsheathed (2005 - the return of the Messiah)
Length: 72 years?
First President: John Forbes Kerry?? (Epoch-defining archetype!)
Defining Characteristics:
Mode of Governance: Ruthless domestic tyranny.
Mode of Economy: Completely centralized and state-controlled. Those who will not serve the interests of the state will neither work nor eat.
Mode of Foreign Engagement: The vain pursuit of "peace" by means of brutal criminal wars and subversion, ultimately resulting in like resistance and, ultimately, world-wide conflagration.

The epoch of American history I most identify with and would like to return to was, of course, The Agrarian Republic (1789 - 1861).

Finally, a stylistic note:

The text colors I chose for each epoch were not accidental, but were selected to conote the dominant features of each epoch.

The Agrarian Republic is blue because that is the epoch where America held the truest to her founding principles and her constitution, and it is, therefore (and not surprisingly), the epoch where liberty for most was at its maximum.

The Yankee Empire is green because that is the epoch dominated, above all, by capital and the pursuit of the almighty dollar, largely by Yankees who seem to have a natural acumen for economic predation and empire-building for fun, power, and profit.

The Socialist/Globalist Superstate is red because our current epoch has been dominated, above all, by socialistic and even communistic misgovernance at home and perpetual warfare in a vain pursuit of globalist hegemony abroad. So, the color of leftist revolution and blood is most appropriate, I think.

The Fourth Cycle is sky blue because that is the color of the UN flag (pessimistic case) or the clear blue sky of freedom (optimistic case) and, therefore, can fittingly be associated with either of the two possible outcomes.