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1) Specious lies 16) No-bid mercs 31) Change and hope 51) Occupy 71) Coverage yanked
2) Spookdom's gapes 17) New Orleans 32) Bush redux 52) FEMA camps 72) Kiev coup
3) Heroes killed 18) Uncle Buck 33) Detentions 53) Failed false flags 73) New trade deals
4) PNAC's plans 19) Kenny Lay 34) Drone attacks 54) Syria 74) Bundy's stand
5) Double games 20) Wellstone's plane 35) Doubling down 55) Commie pervs 75) ISIS miss
6) Open doors 21) Bonesmen's Tomb 36) Peeping pervs 56) Creeping night 76) Nazi hate
7) Terror scares 22) Black box votes 37) Health reform 57) Swelling tides 77) Ferguson
8) Neocons 23) "New Freedom" 38) Nuke loopholes 58) Romney's thugs 78) Scotland's "Yes!"
9) Preemptions 24) Foolish pride 39) Gushing gunk 59) Diplomats 79) "War on war"
10) Dollar's doom 25) Beast-like men 40) Cap and trade 60) Sandy Hook 80) Borders breached
11) Opium 26) Closet gays 41) Groping goons 61) Rand Paul's stand 81) Shellackings
12) "Shock and awe" 27) Presstitutes 42) Wikileaks 62) Boston's shame 82) Amnesty
13) Toxic troops 28) Abramoff 43) Rising youth 63) Orwell's fears 83) Boehner's tears
14) Genocide 29) Trillions lost 44) Telescreens 64) Hasting's pen 84) Oil's crash
15) Torture camps 30) Patriots' dream 45) Fallout's rain 65) World War III 85) Yemenis
46) War times 3 66) Putin's play 86) U.S. tanks
47) Goldstein's death 67) Cruz control 87) Secrecy
48) No-fly zones 68) Shutdown stunts 88) Charleston
49) Mounting debt 69) Mom shot dead
50) Native sons 70) Website woes

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Finesse or Force - Which Will They Choose?

For America’s black-box-voting public, the upcoming election is framed as a “choice” between two blue-blooded Bonesman bookends, John Forbes Kerry and his cousin, George Walker Bush.

But for the globalist elites who stand behind both Kerry and Bush, the choice is shaping up to be a very real and momentous one indeed. For in choosing between Kerry and Bush, they also choose which tactic -- finesse or force -- will give them their best chance to perfect their consolidation of power over our people and our planet.

Over the course of the last century, at least here in America, their favored tactic has been finesse. Finesse means that traditional forms are maintained even as their substance is gradually eaten away by subterfuge and deceit from within.

In the American context, the forms of republican (small r) governance – our Constitution and Bill of Rights, regular elections, rival parties, rival branches, rival sovereignties, and an unfettered press – have all been maintained, but after nearly one hundred years of globalist finesse, of systematic subversion from within, their substance has been all but eaten away.

Our Constitution and Bill of Rights remain enshrined in a nuclear-bomb-proofed crypt on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC, but few who govern us at either end of that broad concourse bother to abide by its strictures anymore.

Elections happen like clockwork, but they’re illusory since our votes either aren’t really counted (thanks to black box electronic voting) or have long been rendered irrelevant by the fact that the two major parties share the same enforced globalist consensus at the top, where all the policies that really matter are made.

The federal government retains its triumvirate of branches, but the hoped for checks and balances are gone. The legislative and judicial now function more like kept eunuchs in the court of an executive that’s increasingly imperious, utterly Byzantine, shrouded in secrecy, and backed by deadly force.

State governments continue, but by Supreme Court edict or other federal imposition, they can’t legislate for long outside the bounds of the enforced globalist policy consensus that emanates from the center.

And today, our press mediates via innumerable outlets, by a thousand talking heads and scribes, but almost all of them are owned or employed by only a handful of corporate moguls, conglomerates, and press syndicates. An unfettered press? Hardly.

So the globalists have been remarkably successful in finessing us towards globe-wide tyranny over the last century or more. Obviously, then, they should just stay the course, right?

Indeed they may. And if they do, in the election upcoming we’ll be treated once again to the appearance of choice and change without the substance of it. John Forbes Kerry will soundly defeat his cousin, George Walker Bush. And all the voters who rightly loathe Bush and all that he stands for shall have their release. Political pressures built up will decompress and the system will appear to self-correct without really self-correcting at all. Kerry will keep on finessing away our freedom just as Bush did, only perhaps with a bit more subtlety and guile.

There’s just one problem with staying the course, however: we, the American people, more and more, are on to them.

Thanks to alternative media and the power of the internet, the fraudulent mass psychological operation that was 9-11 has been exposed along with the Bush administration’s complicity in it. But the Bush administration is not alone in their nakedness. The entire establishment, be they Republican or Democrat, mainstream media elite or military brass, all share in the shame of it, for their knowing silence in the face of the administration’s flimsy post-9-11 confabulations and cover-ups, if for nothing else.

With the 9-11 faux-terror event, the rights-destroying “war on terror” it spawned, and the disastrous attempted conquests of Iraq and Afghanistan it continues to give political cover to, the globalists, historically masters of the finesse, have instead fumbled and fumbled badly. As a result, millions of Americans have awoken to their perverse manipulations, so much so that an increasing number of us are simply no longer finesse-able. And that number is growing each and every day.

The present regime is now viewed by a rising multitude as hopelessly illegitimate – even criminal --and a mere exchange of Bonesmen at the top won’t change that.

Hence, the globalists’ dilemma. Finesse, usually their safest and surest course, is no longer quite so sure or safe. Given the post 9-11 great awakening, so subtle a course might just give the growing anti-globalist backlash the breathing room it needs to achieve critical mass.

Might the globalists then be tempted to abandon the subtleties of finesse in favor of force? Might they conclude that it’s high time they wielded the considerable power they’ve already accumulated by stealth to openly crush all remaining centers of possible resistance before it can combine in numbers sufficient to check or even end their malicious misrule?

There are disturbing signals that this may indeed be the case.

For example, suddenly the controlled media is openly exposing to we, the unwashed masses, elite power centers it formerly pretended did not even exist.

CBS’ 60 Minutes aired a segment outing the Order of Skull and Bones. Tim Russert quizzed both Kerry and Bush on NBC's Meet the Press about their shared membership in the secret Order and its implications for the upcoming race and the presidency. The San Francisco Chronicle reported that Arnold Schwarzenegger was initially tapped to become California’s next governor by the grandees who pay cultic homage each summer to a forty-five foot stone owl at The Order’s west coast conclave, Bohemian Grove. And the gray lady herself, the New York Times, recently broke her fifty year silence on the annual Bilderburg conference by revealing that John Edwards was first selected to be Kerry’s running mate by its attendees weeks before Bonesman Kerry announced Edward’s selection as his own to a largely unsuspecting American public.

Why this sudden transparency? Why the open acknowledgment of potentially political-paradigm-shifting realities once ignored or denied? There are two possibilities:

It could be a modified limited hangout spun to bolster the collapsing credibility of the controlled media in the wake of the post 9-11 great awakening. If so, finesse will likely remain the globalists’ preferred tactic, and Kerry will be the winner come November.

On the other hand, it could be an early sign that finesse as a tactic has been rejected in favor of in-your-face, out-in-the-open elitist tyranny. If so, look for Bush to be selected again despite widespread and deep public revulsion towards him and his policies. But, unlike 2000, this time his selection will not be by Supreme Court fiat. Rather, the spook-subverted front companies that author the secret proprietary source code controlling our brand new black-box electronic voting machines will now do the selecting for us. Of course, the controlled media will try to convince us that we actually voted the way the black-box electronic voting machines say we voted, but we’ll know better. They might even attribute the shocking but decisive eleventh hour apparent vote-swing towards Bush to the pre-election faux-terror event the terror-scare-mongers around Bush are telling us is sure to happen. However they try and spin it, if the globalists choose now to unsheathe an iron fist from their heretofore velvet glove, Bush will be reselected, but not by the American people.

Such a brazen subversion of our democratic processes will no doubt signal the beginning of even darker days to come, for a reselected Bush administration, even more lacking in legitimacy than before and almost certain, therefore, to be almost universally reviled by the American people, is likely to misgovern us even more tyrannically than before. It might even be ruthlessly draconian in its tyranny and oppressions, since Bush’s very reselection by such illicit means will signal a seismic shift in globalist methodology.

Either way, be it finesse or force, Kerry or Bush, obviously we, the American people, will take it once again in the teeth.

In the short run, that is.

In the long run, however, no matter which tactic the globalists choose, the post-9-11 great awakening shall continue, steadily if they continue to finesse us, like wildfire if they dare to force us, but either way eventually it will reach critical mass. And when it does, the globalists’ great game will be up. They will lose it and lose it utterly.

It’s not a question of if, only when.

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