America, the Bushieful

...beautiful, it ain't.

Eighty-eight verses and climbing:
O Bushieful for... Obamaful for...
1) Specious lies 16) No-bid mercs 31) Change and hope 51) Occupy 71) Coverage yanked
2) Spookdom's gapes 17) New Orleans 32) Bush redux 52) FEMA camps 72) Kiev coup
3) Heroes killed 18) Uncle Buck 33) Detentions 53) Failed false flags 73) New trade deals
4) PNAC's plans 19) Kenny Lay 34) Drone attacks 54) Syria 74) Bundy's stand
5) Double games 20) Wellstone's plane 35) Doubling down 55) Commie pervs 75) ISIS miss
6) Open doors 21) Bonesmen's Tomb 36) Peeping pervs 56) Creeping night 76) Nazi hate
7) Terror scares 22) Black box votes 37) Health reform 57) Swelling tides 77) Ferguson
8) Neocons 23) "New Freedom" 38) Nuke loopholes 58) Romney's thugs 78) Scotland's "Yes!"
9) Preemptions 24) Foolish pride 39) Gushing gunk 59) Diplomats 79) "War on war"
10) Dollar's doom 25) Beast-like men 40) Cap and trade 60) Sandy Hook 80) Borders breached
11) Opium 26) Closet gays 41) Groping goons 61) Rand Paul's stand 81) Shellackings
12) "Shock and awe" 27) Presstitutes 42) Wikileaks 62) Boston's shame 82) Amnesty
13) Toxic troops 28) Abramoff 43) Rising youth 63) Orwell's fears 83) Boehner's tears
14) Genocide 29) Trillions lost 44) Telescreens 64) Hasting's pen 84) Oil's crash
15) Torture camps 30) Patriots' dream 45) Fallout's rain 65) World War III 85) Yemenis
46) War times 3 66) Putin's play 86) U.S. tanks
47) Goldstein's death 67) Cruz control 87) Secrecy
48) No-fly zones 68) Shutdown stunts 88) Charleston
49) Mounting debt 69) Mom shot dead
50) Native sons 70) Website woes

Sunday, July 04, 1999

Someone Has To Say It: "Emperor Dubya Has No Clothes!"

Here comes Emperor Dubya, parading down America's Main Street, with a most impressive train. Why, armored cars full of money extend for blocks behind him, and the media bows down at his feet!

Grassroots Republicans, crowding the sidewalks and craning their necks just to catch a glimpse of their newly annointed King, can only marvel at the spectacle. Rarely have they seen anything like it. Who can resist being swept up by all the excitement and commotion attendant upon his arrival?

"Why, I see the finest conservative raiment draped upon him! All the media has commented and praised it. The GOP establishment has swooned, so fine are his garments. It must be true! Don't you see it?", the GOP faithful exclaim. So needful are they of a champion.

But I, like the boy in the fairy tale, MUST stand up and boldly shout, "This emperor has no clothes!"

He dons no conservative finery, but arrogantly prances stark naked before you, a globalist RINO in the buff.

Open your eyes, people! Look at him as he really is. All you need to know is right in front of your face, for all to see.

If you can stomach looking upon His Nakedness, here's what you will notice:

  1. His left side is robust, healthy and strong, while his right side appears atrophied and limp.
  2. His strong left arm and chest are covered with elaborate tatoos, each one appears to be a memorial to a past or present love interest, and each bears the initials of her name. Here are a few you can clearly make out if you look: CFR, UN, NATO, WTO, GATT, NAFTA, CIA, IRS, NWO. Funny, USA is nowhere to be found.
  3. His spindly, weak right arm is covered with scar tissue, revealing a possible propensity for self-mutilation. It bears but one tatoo. A single phrase extends from wrist to shoulder: "Compassionate Conservatism"
  4. His feet are unusually small, and he can barely walk. They appear to have been bound and stunted, as has been the custom for Chinese women. The Chinese, Clintons, and Bushes think that small feet make one beautiful; but American eyes can only view such bodily mutilations as the mark of submission, servility and dependence, not beauty.
  5. He has no right testicle, only a left one. And his male organ is, well, a little on the small side.
  6. If you look closely at his butt crack, you'll see a shred of paper sticking out. Apparently, he likes to use this paper as toilet paper. Upon closer inspection, you can see words written on it. Those with a discerning eye can even read the words. They begin, "We, the People...

Ok, enough gazing upon this man's naked, ugly bod! I've seen enough and so have you.

Now, let's see if we can't shake the rest of this crowd out of their media-manufactured, mass delusion. I mean, look at them! They're falling all over themselves, fawning over naked Dubya. It's really unseemly and embarassing.

If they could only see...

What do you see?


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